3 Foursquare Features We Should Use More

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Foursquare (social networking)

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With smartphones now a must have addition to pockets worldwide it comes as no surprise that location based social channels are on the rise. Alongside Facebook places, Foursquare is the top dog of the checkin world. O2 have recently released their own checkin reward service, I certainly feel that businesses do not take full advantage of the check in feature that will not only get more customers through the door, it will get them talking more about the brand amongst the social web!

As Facebook tightens its procedures on competitions and promotions, it comes as a surprise that more brands aren’t jumping on the band wagon. For those who aren’t well acquainted with Foursquare there are three features that can be used to a marketing advantage:

1. Mayorship – When a person checks in to a location/business often they build up a series of regular check in data. If they check in the most, as a business we can allow this user to become the mayor of this location. (This then changes if someone else checks in more) We can also incentivise mayorships – one particular pizza brand offers their mayors one free pizza per week.

2. Badges – When users check in they earn badges for their achievements. Such as a badge for 50 check ins, three cafe related check ins etc. The biggest advantage we have here is that we can create custom/bespoke and branded badges. As users collect badges there are an individual and cost effective incentive for check in.

3. Group Checkin – Badges and incentives can also be awarded for group checkins, aka if you check in with more than one person. This is particularly useful for events and venues this will also bring more customers through the door. This type of check in can also be beneficial for social channel exclusive events and competitions.

As a simple summary; I believe these particular location based social channels can be better optimised  to encourage first time buys and satisfy all your brand advocates.

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